Luxury sheet vinyl - antique pattern.

Vinyl Sheet Installations

I will use my 20+ years experience to install your brand new vinyl flooring to your desired areas of your home. I pride myself in ensuring that your new vinyl installation is installed to national standards and in a way that you will be proud to show off to your friends and family. 

As well as domestic installations I have vast experience in commercial installations ranging from small office blocks to multi story hospitals. Not only vinyl on floors but also on walls such as hospital bedroom walls and bathroom shower walls.

Vinyl Tile Installations

Although vinyl  tiles are not new, printed vinyl tiles are new and add a sophisticated elegance to your floor. Timber look style vinyl tiles add a more natural look to your floors due to the way they are installed. You will be safe in the knowledge that your floor will be 100% unique and cannot be copied. I have installed thousands of square mitres of the years in varying situations from domestic in home installations to larger commercial installations.  

Parquet Harringbone vinyl tile installation

Floor Preparation

Over the years we have completed thousands of jobs and in 90% of those jobs the floor has some form or another of preparation work before the installations can go ahead. And just like painting the vinyl install is only as good as the floor prep that has been done before it. Whether you have a timber or concrete subfloor I will prepare it so that the finished flooring you choose to have installed will look and feel like a million dollar floor.

Carpet Tile Installation

Carpet tiles are used more commonly in commercial situations, but they have been known to be installed in homes also. They are a very versatile product due to the fact that you can replace any individual tile you wish at any time, so when accidents happen or simply wear and tear, any number of tiles can be replaced. The pattern and textures of modern carpet tiles are great and numerous and the design options are endless, architects the world  over are embracing this and achieving some very beautiful floors.

Designer carpet tiles.